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My Organic Veg Garden, Day 1 (well, day 2)

Since we are all working and schooling from home, I decided to plant a veg garden and do a small series on the process. Most people don’t know that I spent many years working with a wonderful company called Organic Matters in New York State and have planted many edible gardens. I hope it inspires others to do some planting, it is seriously good for your health.

Day 1 should have been soil testing, but I got a little excited and ordered raspberry plants yesterday. So, soil testing is day 2. I haven’t always done soil testing, even though it is the best practice, but this time I thought there was a possibility for lead in the soil. Not knowing if such a serious problem exists was totally unacceptable for me, so I am taking the extra 2 weeks or so to do the testing. The added benefit will be that I can be certain of the amount of organic nutrients to add to the soil and my plants will be all the healthier for it.

Testing is easy. Just look up your local extension, mine is UConn

There are directions on the site for the proper way to gather the samples and how to mail it. When the results come back, they should have recommendations included along with an explanation of the results.