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Why and How You Should Build a Meadow

Meadows are symphonic, dynamic, mysterious, and ever-changing. They host dragon flies, song birds, pollinating bees, butterflies; color, depth, shadow, movement, and sound. There is always something happening in a meadow; a good walk to be had, a good story about to unfold.

Meadows have their downsides too. They can be shaggy during certain times of the year. Along with the pleasant forms of wildlife, there can be unpleasant ones too. They require someone with expertise to install them correctly and get them on an effective maintenance regime. But the best things always come with their perils.  

This is a story in pictures about planting a 14,000 pollinator meadow installed on a disturbed site in late fall. The sequence of events might be different on a different site. In the course of 1 growing season this meadow grew to be 75% established. Even at 8 months old (4 of those being dormant months), it was hosting 5 different species of bees plus many other beautiful insects.

Most people say it takes 3 years to get a meadow going, but with the right conditions and the right technique, it can be much faster. After next growing season I expect this meadow to be fully established, and need very little to no weeding. We will mow a meandering path through it so the owners can stroll along, and take it in from up close every once in a while.