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Organic Modern

A modern home on a tidal pond is a beautiful juxtaposition and we wanted to highlight the contrast with native and natural plantings set against very clean hardscaping. To address the lifestyle wishes of the clients, we stole space from the house to create an outdoor bar and bathroom adjacent to the pool area, created a lounge overlook that doubled as a place for the kids to jump into the pool, and built a fountain to screen off-site noise. The plantings are mostly native and not fussy, selected to add to the healthy ecosystem of the pond that includes turtles, frogs, and many species of birds. This project was a finalist for the CT Cottages and Gardens Innovation in Design Award.

"My experience with Jessica Matteson has been nothing short of phenomenal: from conceptual and experience planning to 3-dimensional mapping, plant and material selection, and supervision and installment. She is a true professional with exceptional vision and talent, and she has transformed my property into a truly remarkable outdoor experience. Her services are priceless.”"