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We love white stone work! Here are some of our frequent favorites.

If your feet have ever burned crossing a bluestone patio on your way to the pool, you know why we are so diligent in testing different stones to make the perfect selection. We have had up to 20 full-sized samples on a site. The difficulty is that each stone comes with it’s own trade-offs. The coolest stones are porous and white. However, the whitest stones give off the harshest glare and porous stones are the most susceptible to mildew, making them higher maintenance. For some people, the purity of white stone is worth the trade-off of having to wear sunglasses outside and for some, the soft feel of a porous stone is worth having to pressure wash once or twice per year. For others, you need to select your own blend of durability, maintenance, and color. All light colored stones show dirt more than darker stones and need more frequent hosing to look clean. For different clients, we recommend different stones. Our favorites are : the Italian marble, ‘white linen’, Indiana limestone, the chinese granite ‘sahara’, and certain top-quality porcelain products. See below for a description of each.